Privacy Policy

The highest priority of our service is to deliver premium quality writings while safeguarding the security and privacy of your information. Thus, we would like to inform you about the methods by which we handle information on our website.

To ensure a better understanding of your needs, we collect information from you during the order processing phase. However, we do not dispose, disclose or by any means divulge to third parties your personal information. We also would like you to know that we do not keep information that is irrelevant to the project scope. Nevertheless, we keep some information in case of customer’s failure to pay.

As we use we use the services of GoDady web hosting provider, your information might be stored in servers on different locations both inside and outside the United Kingdom. We maintain control of your personal information and protect it with a set of administrative and technical security measures. These measures were designed to detect unauthorized access, and minimize the risk of information loss, misuse, alteration and disclosure. Some of the protection measures and safeguards we use are data encryption, firewalls, information access authorization control and physical access control.

We have the right to use your information when needed to render a specific service, enforce our agreements, comply with our legal obligations and resolve disputes. We also have the right to retain your information as long as the account is active. However, you have the right to update, correct, amend or even remove your information in case you no longer need our services. You can deactivate your account by contacting customer service either via mail or by making a telephone call. Our contact numbers are listed on Contact Us page. has adopted strict safety measures to protect your information and to ensure your privacy. Our servers are protected behind a robust corporate firewall with stringent control over both internal and external access. We transmit sensitive information using Secure Socket layer (SSL) which provides superior level of encryption.

As a part and parcel of our keenness to enhance customer experience, we constantly update and improve our website. We also constantly update our privacy policies as a normal reaction to our service expansion and the implementation of new technologies the website witnesses from time to time. Please refer to this page constantly to take notice of any additions or alterations to our privacy policy.

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