SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ one of the most valued terms in today’s world of technical growth and advancement. SEO have created much a buzz in the software development and article writing fields. SEO or the search engine optimization is primarily a route by which the web searches related to any particular topics are diverted to the related websites. So we can very well understand the articles and content development of such SEO sites are very crucial

Importance of SEO article:

The most important function of an SEO article is the keywords by which the user searches the web. If the keyword matches the one noted for the websites the results are displayed accordingly. So the article for SEO should be written and maintained very carefully setting the best key words related to the articles and used the best way. The topacademics here provides the best solution for such SEO writings. The writers and developers, who is involved with the process of the writings and setup, are the best among the lot. And more importantly, are trained and experienced, with records of successful writings.

Three main factors of SEO writings:

There are certainly some factors which manipulates the writings of SEO and even the development of SEO related sites. The main among all are the:


it should be very clear to the writers about the audience who would be searching and reading the articles. The target audience should be kept in mind throughout the writing process. Here in topacademics, all our writers are well versed with the technicalities of SEO pages and the SEO articles. So they can be trusted and relied on for the best piece of work.


the keywords forms an integral part of any SEO writing. If the proper topic related keywords are documented and the keywords are appropriately used, then the articles rank best among the search engines. So if the keywords are maintained and formulated well, the article would gain popularity.

Word count:

the word count in the years before was usually kept small and short. This was done in an initiative to give the user and researcher a crisp idea of the product. But then with researches it has been found that any user when researching likes to get a very clear idea on the topics. So if the articles are found to be too short, the user doesn’t get much interest in reading the same. So the word count matters mostly. But the words should be well researched and to the point, which the topacademics, writers specialize in. The skills of all the topacademics’ writers can be accumulated as

  • Informative
  • Well-rehearsed
  • Relevance
  • Compelling

Here in topacademics, we believe in delivering the best results in the best possible time. They have a well reached team to support the work of the client. Mostly with the best positive remarks topacademics, believes that, quality is far better than the quantity of work. So it can be said, that if topacademics is given a chance, we would not let you down.