Investor pitch deck

Topacademics ’ pitch deck template


This will include the name of your business, your title and your name, plus information about your contact.


It helps you to explain the investors you have and the pain you are alleviating. The aim is that you can buy and nod the people who are reading this report.


It describes the way you describe the alleviation of your plan and the meaning behind this plan. Ensuring the audience you have and the understanding of your sales and the value you have.

Business model

It explains the way you make money and the people who are paying you to distribute your channel and the margins you are grossing so far.

Underlying magic

The underlying magic by the topacademics describes the secret ingredient, the technologies or the magic beneath the service of your product.

Sales and Marketing

It explains the way you reach the leverage points of your market and the customers you have.


It provides you with an entire landscape of your program and the more it is, the better is for the company.

Management team

It describes the main players which are at your management team and the main board of directors plus the biggest investors of your brand.

Financial projections and key metrics

It provides you with five to three years of forecast which also contains the dollars and also the main metrics, for example the amount of conversions and customers you have.

Tips by topacademics that can help you make a deck with good pitch

  • Never include more than enough slides concerning your technology.
  • Avoid the statements you have been commonly making in front of your investors.
  • The rules and regulations of 10/20/30 will apply on all the parts and aspects of tossing while building your own business as an entrepreneur, for example, making sure that your sales are going fine and creating powerful employment.
  • Always remember that in the life of an entrepreneur, your life is a pitch.