Thesis/Dissertations writing

A basic but strong idea behind every successful thesis consists of two steps. First, you find an establishing claim and then you work day and night to prove that claim wrong or right with the help of examples, quotes, interviews, pictures, reasoning and research. However, not everyone is capable of following the above mentioned steps. The reason behind the failed attempt can be the lack of time, the poor quality of research or a weak grip over the language. First of all, everyone must understand that thesis is a great deal for some people and is considered a highly certified piece of information to the world, which is why the people who are in charge of denying or approving them have to be really careful. In case they approve a false thesis report, it will not be fair to the other students who have worked really hard on their reports and it would bring a bad reputation to the institute. That is why when the time comes to selecting your thesis topic, be smart about it and work hard because that topic is going to be the unifying element and guideline for your upcoming thesis report. Here are some tips from topacademics that can maintain a certain level of balance in your Research Thesis/Dissertation.

Tips from topacademics

First of all start your report with a simple statement and try to complete that statement in a single line. This will help the reader to understand what kind of the student has selected. Then ask yourself a question like “what point am I trying to prove?” Because the first thing that comes into our minds while reading a report is what is this person trying to prove and then you can try to state an impressive answer to that question. After that you can start by narrowing down the topic and in that you can focus on elaborating the statement of your report. Keep your eyes open because if you feel some kind of hesitation in your topic, it is better if you change the topic of your thesis write now or maybe take it into another direction. But do not absolutely rely on your instincts; it is better to ask for some help from a professor or an assistant professor. Get them to approve your topic and then begin working on it. While writing down your Research Thesis/Dissertation, keep in mind that using a first person perspective in your reports should be avoided. For example, do not ever start a phrase with words like “I know” or “I hope”. An instructor should be able to feel the determination and validity of your research and words like these can spoil that.

Contents of thesis writing:




Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Introduction

1.1. Research Aim and Objectives

1.2. Rationale of study

1.3. Significanc of study

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

3.0. Methodology

3.1. Sampling Strategy

3.2. Research Methods

3.3. Data Analysis

3.5. Limitations

3.6. Ethical Considerations

Chapter 4: Data Analysis

4.0. Data Analysis

4.1. Demographic description

4.2. Data Analysis of objectives

Chapter 5 Discussion and Findings

5.1. Discussion and Findings

Chapter 6 Conclusion, Recommendations and Limitations

5.1. Conclusion

5.2 Limitations

5.3 Recommendations

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