Editing & proof reading

Editing and proof reading are the processes of checking through a written material for typographical errors, grammatical errors, writing style and spelling errors, and correcting them. The process of writing any kind of material is always prone to a number of errors which can ultimately reduce the quality and value of a written material, it is very important to edit and proof read written materials thoroughly. At topacademics we have seasoned and intelligent readers who will provide all the editing and proof reading services for our clients to make their written materials a substantial piece free from all sorts of writing mistakes.

Editing & proof reading processes

The activity of editing and proof reading involves certain steps and processes which will ensure a well written piece, editing and proof reading should be done as the writing is being done, most people leave the editing and proof reading till the write up is completed because they will want to focus on ideas but its best done as the writing takes place. Editing and proof reading is a task we at topacademics excel in because our highly trained staff know exactly what to look for when proof reading any kind of material, one of the majors steps in editing and proof reading is revising the major parts of the text and removal of unnecessary words from the text. Editing and proof reading is best done from a hard copy of the written material rather than from a computer screen and it has been proven many times over that reading out the written materials is a very effective way of detecting mistakes and making corrections as errors are easily heard than read with the eyes. A commonly practiced method in editing and proof reading is keeping away the written material for a few hours and then getting it out with well rested eyes and then editing and proof reading it. The use of a spell checker is also employed to fish out repeated words and a dictionary is employed to ensure the appropriate deployment of words in any written material. It is always encouraged that a different set of eyes edit and proof read your written material that’s why we implore you to give our seasoned and high quality staff at topacademics your written materials for editing and proof reading.

Importance of editing and proof reading

The importance of editing and proof reading cannot be over emphasized, there is always one small blunder in every write up which can be detected with the employment of an efficient editing and proof reading service which we offer to our clients at topacademics. Editing and proof reading is very important to avoid passing on of wrong information across to readers and blemishing the hard work out into the written material.

Assign us and we will deliver

topacademics employs a team of well trained and dedicated staff who will absolutely provide very high quality editing and proof reading services to our clients well deserved satisfaction. At Top Academics our staff goes through a rigorous hiring process to ensure we at Top Academics hire only the best crop of staff to meet all our clients editing and proof reading needs.

The types of editing and proof reading services offered at topacademics include:

  • Literature
  • Essay
  • Reports
  • Executive summaries
  • Autobiographical writing
  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Presentations

topacademics also specializes in providing services like:

  • Article Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Ghost Writing

A highly and efficient steam awaits your arrival here at Top Academics to edit and proof read your written materials perfectly.

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